Your B2B Provider of Wireless Charging Solutions

We are ONE POINTECH, a Chinese scale-up company founded in 2019, dedicated to helping you create wireless charging stations effortless.


Seamless access to power, anywhere, any time

ONE POINTECH was founded in 2019. We have seen customers get increasingly dependent on our phones. At an all-time high, we saw 73% of consumers experiencing it at least once a week in 2019.

That’s why we hope to integrate wireless chargers into public places to give consumers power connections where ever they go. But integrating chargers into furniture requires cutting. Can we install the wireless chargers without cutting any furniture and make it beautifully invisible? This is where our stealth wireless charger comes in handy.

Our mission is to help everyone create a wireless charging spot effortless without any cutting.


Superior in product development and sales

Our mission is to help everyone create a wireless charging spot effortless with our stealth wireless charger.

We also provide customized wireless charging solutions for different scenarios, up to 3000W, wirelessly and freely power your devices.



Why choose ONE POINTECH?

Innovative scale-up

We are a young team of product development and sales engineers. Highly educated and skilled to serve overseas clients.

Human approach

We prove that small can be beautiful every day. We work closely with our customers. We can adapt to fast new developments in the market of wireless charging products.

Customer success

Your success is our success. The market for wireless charging products and solutions is new and developing fast. Every day, we aim for the best in customer satisfaction.

Skills and expertise

Our small team consists of highly educated Chinese young professionals. We are experienced in working worldwide, and also have a strong network within the Chinese industry.


View our office and (partner) factory locations

German Centre Taicang

Our office is located in the German Centre tower in Taicang (Suzhou). This area is home to many innovative start-up companies as well as renowned German engineering companies.

Sales office

Everyday we enjoy working from a pleasant office space. Inspirational and motivational for our small team of product development and sales managers.


ONE POINTECH works with partner factories to produce the products. We focus on product development and sales. Our partner factories are the best in the industry.

We have a wireless charging solution for you