Best Wireless Charger For Furniture

We integrate advanced wireless charging technology into the furniture that you manufacture. From a wireless charging table, and bedside tables with wireless charging to a wireless charging nightstand, we have a wireless charging solution for them all. 

Are you a furniture manufacturer? Please get in touch and we will inform you about how we can help you create wireless charging furniture without cutting!


Wireless charging side table

You can set your mobile phone down on your normal living room side table and it will instantly start charging. It's a side table invisible wireless charger. Isn't the future of technology awesome?

Get rid of wires and other unsightly charging devices in your living room. It's all possible with ONE POINTECH's wireless charger solutions. So design and make your side table with a wireless charger now and sell it to your customers.

Besides a side table with wireless charger, consider making: a nightstand wireless charger, a coffee table with wireless charger, a couch with wireless charging or bedside tables with wireless charging.

side table with wireless charger

Wireless charging nightstand

No more messy wires and overloaded sockets in the bedroom. Your customers can charge their smartphones on their bedside table while sleeping.

You can easily build wireless charging bedside tables and wireless charging nightstands. The possibilities are endless. 

We not only have hidden wireless chargers that can charge through a distance without having to cut your furniture but also have in-built wireless chargers with different styles. 

We can help you integrate our wireless chargers into the furniture that you design and make. Furniture wireless charging is going to be a hot trend in 2022! 


Examples of our furniture wireless charging applications

The possibilities are endless with our invisible wireless chargers for furniture. You can apply them to a nightstand, a  side table, beside tables, and more.

Nightstand with wireless charging


Wireless charging bathroom station

Wireless charging coffee table


We have a furniture wireless charging solution for you

With our invisible wireless charger for furniture, all you need to do is use double-sided tape to stick the wireless charging pad under the surface. Please note the surface should be less than 2 inch thick. Connect the wireless charger to the outlet with the power cable. And you have successfully turn your furniture into a wireless charging station!

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