Wireless Charging for AGV, Robots and Drones

ONE POINTECH now offers AGV wireless charging stations, AMR wireless charging stations, as well as wireless charging for drones.

Industrial wireless charging infrastructure enables autonomous industrial mobile equipment to run 24/7. At ONE POINTECH we offer the newest available solutions at an affordable price.

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The best industrial wireless charging solutions for your business

Together with our partner factories we have developed several working and proven industrial wireless charging solutions. Contact us for a proposal for your unique situation.

Autonomous Mobile Robots


Automated Guided Vehicles


Industrial drones



Wireless charging for AGV

Wireless power transfer is the solution for safe and convenient charging of robots, AGV, and other industrial automation machinery in the industrial sector. Without plugging into a port or socket, and indeed without having to make physical contact at all, an AGV or other industrial device can wirelessly obtain the power it needs. And for those devices that use batteries, mechanical actuators can be set up to power up wirelessly directly.

Furthermore, AGV and other self-propelling industrial and logistics devices can be programmed to return to their docks or chargers when they need to get power, removing the need for workers to have to go onto the factory floor to maneuver a device or to hook it up to anything for the charge.

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Wireless charging for robots

The ability to wirelessly charge AMR (autonomous mobile robots) makes robots even more powerful in the future. From person-to-goods and goods-to-person to transport, manipulation, and sorting tasks – the factory of the future demands mobility and flexibility. Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and AGV are suitable for lots of automation tasks in production and logistics. They move independently in space, act in swarms and offer the industry flexibility because the systems are only truly autonomous when they have sufficient energy at their disposal.


Drone wireless charging

The application of aerial drones is changing the way modern industry collects and processes information. However, the endurance of drones is a pain point. Until now, after each mission, you need to recharge the battery manually.

Our drone wireless charging system, a complete contactless charging system, solves this. The wireless charging system can be integrated into the drone garage or apron and can be waterproof and dustproof so that the charging is not affected by the weather. When the power of the drone goes low, it can be recharged after it descends to the apron without manual interruption. When wireless transmitters are strategically placed throughout the worksite, wireless drone charging pads (transmitters) can allow the drone fleet to charge anytime, anywhere. Our drone wireless charging system enables the drone to work uninterrupted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Benefits of our industrial wireless charging solutions


Removing metal-contact charging ports significantly reduces equipment exposure to moisture, dust, and other environmental conditions that can lead to electrical discharges, fire, or worse. And as some devices can be programmed to return to their chargers when power is needed, there are fewer needs to send human workers into dangerous industrial settings.


Wireless power delivery without plugs, ports, and moving parts means less wear-down and longer equipment life. There is no plug or port to be worn out or damaged by regular connection and disconnection.


Wireless connectivity provides limitless charger connections, even if it is wet or dirty. This means the same charger be used in almost any industrial setting, no matter the environmental conditions.


Rather than a special charger for each robot or device, charger standardization makes it possible for factory managers to install several chargers that can be used by multiple AGVs and other mobile industrial devices, even if they are from different standard-compliant manufacturers.


Need clarification on industrial wireless charging?

What does industrial wireless charging do?

An industrial wireless charging system enables contactless, inductive charging for autonomous transport vehicles (AGV), robots, and industrial trucks in industrial environments. As soon as a vehicle is on the charging station, the charging process begins.

What is the relation between wireless charging and Industry 4.0?

To stay competitive in today’s markets and join the march towards Industry 4.0, manufacturers are investing in advanced mobile robotics throughout their factories and warehouses. With these mobile robots, manufacturers can boost operational efficiencies without increasing labor or costs.

However, when tethered to a traditional plug-in or battery swapping charging infrastructure, mobile robots cannot realize their fully autonomous potential. Implementing wireless charging systems across industrial settings yields resounding operational benefits.

Do you provide proven industrial wireless charging systems?

Yes, we do. We have successfully deployed several types of our industrial wireless charging systems at customer locations. 

We have a wireless charging solution for you