Lawn tools work outdoors, and their charging stations are generally placed outdoors. When we need to charge the lawn tools, contact charging is used, which has the following pain points:

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Pain point 1 of the traditional lawn tools charging method:

As the charging station is generally placed outdoors, there might be some foreign objects, like leaves or sand, on the charging terminal of the lawn tools, which will prevent the device from being charged when it’s needed.

Pain point 2 of the traditional lawn tools charging method:

The charging station is placed outdoors, and its charging terminal is likely to get wet on rainy days or in winter. With this happening a lot, the terminal is easy to get rust and causing short circuits.

Pain point 3 of the traditional lawn tools charging method:

Frequent docking between the lawn tools and the charging station will affect the reliability of the system. Multiple plugging and docking will cause mechanical wear of the terminal, resulting in loose contact, and unable to effectively transmit electric energy.

Solution – Wireless charging technology in lawn tools

A wireless charging base is set on the outdoor lawn. When the product needs to be charged, it will automatically return to the charging base for automatic charging.

Advantages of wireless charging technology in lawn tools:

1. No charging metal contact, resulting in safer charging

2. No need for precise alignment when charging

3. The charging stand and the product itself are waterproof and dustproof, so there is no need to worry about the dust entering the charging port affecting the service life of the product

4. It uses long-distance wireless charging. So we don’t need to worry about metal terminal wear. It has a long service life.