Why Is My Phone Dying So Quickly?

When it comes to phones, with the use we make of them nowadays, we wish their battery would last at least the whole day. But no matter what kind of phone you own, you might already be familiar with the struggle to keep your phone running smoothly for long. How many times did you wish your phone battery would last longer? Has it ever happened to you to forget your charger and to have your phone dying? Have you ever asked yourself why your phone battery is dying so quickly?

Keep reading to find out some of the causes that might be leading to a worsening performance of your device and discover how to make your phone battery last longer.

Adjust the Screen Brightness Settings

One cause of battery drainage is keeping the screen brightness too high. Most phones nowadays have the possibility of setting the brightness automatically, depending on the light on your surroundings. Deciding to use such a function will enable you to have a screen bright enough to text and navigate outside and indoors without problems without wasting the phone battery’s power.

Think About Reducing Notifications

It is pretty logical, but most probably you’ve never thought about this. When your phone is consistently lighting up, vibrating, or playing sounds, your battery will eventually drain out. If you tend to have a constant stream of notification, you should consider cutting back on the number of news alerts and game requests. Enable notifications only for the apps you care about.

Avoid Having Apps Working in the Background

Check the apps that are using the most battery power in your phone’s settings. Most commonly, you’ll see the apps you are frequently using on the list. If you notice a particular app is consuming a lot of your power, disable the background activity. Your phone will have an easier time getting through the day. And you won’t need to recharge it so often!

Reduce the Use of Resource – Intensive Apps

Even if the previously mentioned tips can be useful, sometimes, the battery problem might have roots in your phone usage. Try to reduce the usage of apps that use a lot of data and battery life. Instead of watching a news video, read an article. Avoid playing games for long periods, and keep your activity under control when using your phone.

Don’t Forget To Update the Software

You should always ensure you’re using the latest version of your operating system and all of your installed apps.

Consider Using Our Stealth Wireless Charger

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