How to build a wireless charging table in 5 minutes in 2020

Having a stylish and modern wireless charging table is nice. It’s especially convenient when you put a wireless charging nightstand beside your bed. The charging spot on the surface will keep your phone powered up without the hassle of cords overnight. And you will not be worried about the risks caused by knocking over the glass full of water in the dark.

Want to buy one now? Yes, they’re available in stores but have you found the one you’re really into? Want to DIY and turn your favorite table at home into a seamless invisible wireless charging table but don’t want to go through the hassle of cutting and drilling with regular Qi chargers? Here’s the solution for you: long-distance wireless charger.

Why do you need long-distance wireless charger?

Regular chargers are not designed to work over long distance. So, if you need to charge through thick surface with regular chargers, you will have to get the surface fairly thin by cutting a whole below. However, what if the surface is granite or glass with which you can’t cut? That’s when the long-distance wireless charger comes in handy.

How to build a wireless charging table?

Find a spot, install the charger beneath the surface, put a sticker on the surface to mark the charging spot. Finished. It’s just as this easy.

What’s the charging distance of the long-distance wireless charger?

Well, we have two types of long-distance wireless chargers.

QB01 is designed to charge smartphones through a distance of 15-30mm.

QB21 is designed to charger smartphones through a distance of 20-50mm with a repeater on the surface. The charging speed of QB21 is 30% faster than QB01 and efficiency is 15-20% higher.

wireless charger with charging distance of 15-30mm
How to build a wireless charging table easily in 2020

What can you make with the long-distance wireless charger?

  • Wireless charging table
  • Wireless charging end table
  • Wireless charging side table
  • Wireless charging coffee table
  • Wireless charging nightstand
  • Wireless charging kitchen island counter
  • Wireless charging office desk
  • etc.

Can the long-distance wireless charger charge through granite?

Yes, it can charge through wood, plastic, granite, glass etc. But it can’t be charged through metal.

What phones have wireless charging?

What if my phone doesn’t support wireless charging?

There’re phones that can natively use wireless charging but some older models may not be wirelessly charged. The solution is to buy an add-on accessory which will turn your phone into a wireless charging phone.

Is it safe to leave phone on the wireless charger overnight?

Yes, it is safe. The phone will stop charging at a certain level and start to charge again when it drops below a specific level. The phones are smart and advanced enough to take care of themselves. Charging overnight wouldn’t damage your phone’s battery.