Long Range Wireless Chargers

ONE POINTECH is an innovative Chinese start-up company, focusing on the development, manufacturing, and sales of long distance wireless charging products.

We are your leading B2B partner for wireless charging solutions. We offer Qi-enabled long-range wireless chargers as well as true long distance wireless charging solutions that are suitable for a variety of applications. 


Stealth wireless charger

Our under table wireless charger offers the ultimate in charging convenience. Designed with a charging range of (20-50mm), the Stealth Wireless Charger can be installed without the need to cut into work surfaces.

The patented design uses a resonant coil to focus the energy field and provide maximum efficiency and the fastest possible charging speeds.

Providing 15 Watts of charging power the Stealth Wireless Charger is among the fastest wireless chargers on the market! Keeping in mind it’s also a through surface Qi-enabled charger.


Wireless charging solutions

Next to our standardized long range wireless charging products, we also offer easy to implement true long distance wireless charging solutions you can buy and implement today.

Our solutions make use of embedded wireless power technology that provides long-range, true wireless charging without wires or charging mats. It's like Wi-Fi where enabled devices automatically charge when within range of a power transmitter. 


Wireless charging applications

Given the increase in battery anxiety, it’s unsurprising that consumers want to see wireless power available to them in more places. Consumer interest in long range wireless charging at restaurants, hotels, airports, entertainment venues, coffee shops, etc has kept increasing.



With fast in-built wireless charging, office tables and computer desks can be your new power source with ONE POINTECH wireless chargers.



With ONE POINTECH wireless chargers, you can turn furniture into power sources and free your customers from messy wires and overloaded sockets.



We offer an “in-process charging” solution for AGV's. This allows an AGV to be supplied with power efficiently and fully automatically.



A cordless kitchen will offer unprecedented flexibility to use kitchen space as needed—great for small kitchens.


Light Electric Vehicles

LEV fast-charging enabled by wireless power transfer provides true on-the-go power. ONE POINTECH is one of the first to provide wireless charging solutions for LEV's.



With ONE POINTECH wireless charging spots seamlessly integrated in your bar, restaurant, cafe, or hotel, your guests can stay connected and charged at all times.


What our customers say about our long-range wireless chargers

“We needed a way to provide our employees and guests to easily power their mobiles while working in our conference rooms all day. The Stealth Wireless Chargers are a huge success in our offices today.”

“All our dinner guests come to our restaurants with their mobiles, and they use it a lot while eating. So providing our guests with a power amenity is a great value-added service. Several of our restaurants now have the Stealth Wireless Chargers installed."

“Our core business is to provide organizations in Russia with easy mobile power solutions. The Stealth Wireless Charger is a great add-on and we repackage it into our client offerings with success in Russia.”


Bytedance has lots of offices worldwide. Everyday from various conference rooms teams connect with eachother around the world. Bytedance wanted an elegant and efficient way to keep all mobiles powered up.


ONE POINTECH offered ByteDance an easy solution: the Stealth Wireless Charger. It has been installed in various conference rooms in offices in Singapore, the USA and more.


Employees are happy to work from the conference rooms!


For days, HubSpot manually tracked marketing metrics using Excel, Google sheets, and complex macros


Logoipsum partnered with T2D3 to document their entire customer journey and map metrics at each stage


Logoipsum increased data accuracy by 76% and decreased manual data collection time by 4 hours per week


Long distance wireless charging for AGV's


Wireless charging for AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)

Get our free ebook about our high-performance wireless charging product, which is suitable for providing non-contact charging for various  mobile robots or devices (such as AGV, AGC, RGV, electric forklift, golf cart and hotel service robot). It can realize the complete automation of the battery charging process, featuring convenient use and simple maintenance.

agv ebook

Some of our happy wireless charging customers

We already serve a wide range of customers around the world. Some of our clients use our long range wireless charging products within their own organization.  Other clients package the long distance wireless charging products into their own products and services and sell them to their customers.


Need clarification?

How does long distance wireless charging of mobile phones works?

If you are not yet familiar with wireless charging for smartphones, you have come to the right place: Inductive chargers have been on the market for several years now and have left the “teething troubles” behind – wireless charging is often already standard on current smartphones. Wireless charging works by means of so-called induction technology, such as that familiar from electric toothbrushes or even from the kitchen. Energy is transmitted wirelessly over short distances with the help of electromagnetic waves and thus supplies the smartphone with power.

What is the Qi standard?

Qi is a universal standard for wireless charging and was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) in 2008. It is technically based on the principle of induction, in which electromagnetic waves are used to transfer energy wirelessly over short distances. The chargers are therefore also referred to as induction chargers or inductive chargers. The Qi standard is currently used in smartphones and other small devices and has become established as a wireless charging standard.

The advantage of Qi-capable mobile phones is that wireless charging is possible with all Qi chargers, regardless of the manufacturer. Above all, it is much more convenient in everyday life if you can charge your mobile phone wirelessly instead of having to connect it to the charging cable.

Do you offer true long distance wireless charging solutions?

Yes, ONE POINTECH offers you custom wireless charging spots and wireless charging stations that have benefits that both Qi (induction mode) and Airfuel cannot offer. Visit our wireless charging solutions page for more info.

How can I buy wireless charging products from ONE POINTECH?

We are focused on serving B2B customers worldwide. Clients include workspace rental companies, furniture makers, restaurant owners and more. Our standard long distance wireless chargers can be bought online in small quantities. For bigger orders, as well as custom wireless solutions we welcome you to contact us by phone +86 18013232160 or email info@onepointech.com.