More Convenient and Effective Charging Systems are in Demand

More smartphones with wireless charging

With an increasing number of smartphones compatible with wireless charging, like the latest iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy, the demand for wireless chargers is soaring. Wireless chargers are convenient and time-saving. Not only smartphones, but we are also seeing more smart wearables featuring wireless charging functions. It has been an essential part of our daily lives.

Make charging as simple as possible

With all the hustle and bustle going on, we would like to make it as simple as possible regarding charging. We prefer not to carry the charger or power bank simply because they are not convenient and easy to use. That’s why wireless charging is enjoying popularity. But we’re not talking about the wireless charging pad, which still causes clutter on your desk. We’re talking about wireless charging integrated into furniture and available everywhere, especially public places like offices, restaurants, hotels, airports, train stations, subways, etc.

Wireless charging embedded into public places in demand

It’s just so easy to use. People can simply leave their phones, laptops, smartwatches, smart wearables on the desk. And they will start charging without any plugging. With wireless charging stations everywhere, people can keep our phones fully charged any time, which has been used as a tactic by businesses to attract more customers or keep them staying longer.

Some are trying to add wireless chargers in their furniture or workings places on their own. Some are paying for professionals to do so. And others are buying furniture and electronic gadgets which are already integrated with wireless chargers. IKEA, one of the furniture giants, offers lamps and tables with embedded wireless chargers at reasonable prices.


Overall, the demand for this more convenient and effective charging system is on the rise. We need to think more about how to deploy the wireless charging in a way that is affordable and feasible.